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  • Charles W., (August 24, 2016)

    Successful outcome...
    "Dr. Rod, Julie and the entire staff were very open, helpful and understanding in every way in the process for my procedure. Their knowledge, expertise and follow-up care made for successful outcome. Thank you.”  

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5-stars out of 5 | Testimonials & Reviews AZ Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery

  • Sommer P., (August 17, 2016)

    I will definitely be a returning customer...
    "My first appointment was today with Dr. DeRouin. The doctor spent quality time with me explaining everything before the procedure. She was warm, friendly, and very knowledgeable. At time of checkout, I think her name was Christina, she was very nice and explained the different programs with me. I was not rushed at all. I will definitely be a returning customer.”  

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5-stars out of 5 | Testimonials & Reviews AZ Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery

  • Dan C., (June 14, 2016)

    The best treatment...
    "I am three months post surgery and I am very please with the way I was treated by Dr. Rod and his staff. He is very professional and discusses everything he is doing and what should be done. If I were going to have ant other procedure he would be my choice. I would recommend he and his staff to anyone knowing they would get the best treatment.”  

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5-stars out of 5 | Testimonials & Reviews AZ Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery


  • Betty, Arizona

    Dr. Rod, Thank you so very much for my Christmas present!!! That pinch you did under my eyes without charging me. That was a such a blessing to me. You have given me back a joy when I look in the mirror! I was honored with these talented runners! Max Muscle [Betty was featured in the July 2012 issue of Max Muscle Magazine], who sponsors me, has been in business all over the U.S. for over 20 yrs! Since this article I had gotten much stronger and faster. As this year’s competition has come to an end I am finally World Ranked! 12th in the 200 meters, 8th in the 400 meters & 12 in the 800 meters. Thank you again for making me look as young as I feel! Love & hugs! Betty

  • Alex R.

    I couldn't be more happy... "Three weeks ago I had the excess skin above my eyes removed by Dr. Rod. I cannot believe the difference it has made to my eyes. There is no more extra skin weighing down my eyelids and you can actually see my eyeshadow now. It makes my face look fresh and alive again. This is something that I have wanted to do since I turned 50 and finally did it. I highly recommend Dr. Rod as he was extremely patient and informative throughout the procedure. I couldn't be more happy and plan to do other little things to improve my appearance with the help of Dr. Rod and his staff! Thank you all so much!"

  • Elena Perez

    My skin looks amazing...
    "I am so happy with the fotofacials I received by Jazmin Aldaco; my skin looks amazing. Jazmin has talked so highly of Dr. Rod that I am considering getting a breast augmentation.”  

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  • Lisa Fandrich, Arizona

    Nothing but professional... “Dr. Rod and his staff are nothing but professional. They made me feel very comfortable in all my appointments, just before my procedure, and after as well. They answered all my questions and even offered to answer any for my husband, who wasn't with me at the time. I'm really pleased at my results and would recommend them to anyone.”

  • Mckenzie Gillies

    Exceeded my expectations...
    "Excellent customer service. My experience exceeded my expectations.”  

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  • Navil Renteria

    Dermacare is awesome...
    "Az Dermacare is awesome! I first went to them tired of trying numerous acne products. I went in for my consultation they were very professional and answered all of my questions. Only after a series of chemical peels and blu-u treatments my face was clear of acne and it continues to stay clear. I was so happy with the results that I'm going back in.”  

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  • Tynette DeSino

    Thanks Dermacare...
    "I wanted to improve my skin's appearance and decided to try the ThermiRF treatments at Dermacare. The skin under my chin is tighter, and the fine lines around my eyes and mouth are much softer. I am so happy with the treatments I have purchased another treatment package. The staff is also very friendly and professional. Thanks Dermacare!”  

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  • Suzee1963, Arizona

    Back to work 2 days after Tickle Lipo...
    “I had thought about lipo for a long time for my tummy area. I researched options and on a recommendation checked out Tickle Lipo at Dermacare. It was so easy and pain free; I literally walked out of surgery and went to work two days later. My stomach looks awesome. I really have to commend the staff at Dermacare, they were all very professional, informative and made me feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process.”

  • Terri Farrell

    The staff is great...
    "The staff is great, and very helpful. They are very informative from the initial phone call to checking out at the office.”  

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  • Jill Wade, Arizona

    Completely Amazing.... "Let me start by saying that from the time that I called to make an appointment to checking out of my appointment this staff is completely amazing. I was referred to office by Stacy, the surgery technician, and I am glad that she did. I have been to other similar places and this one by far is the best one yet. I have referred plenty of people here and everyone has been impressed with the staff, doctor, and the office it self. Service is amazing you wont be disappointed."

  • PG, Glendale, AZ

    Honestly care about their patients...
    “I simply wanted to send you this brief note to express my appreciation of your exceptional skill in the area of facial surgery. Your professionalism is above standards and your way of making all procedures as comfortable and stress free as possible have always allowed me to leave your office knowing that you honestly care about the patients. I look forward to continuing to build future relationships with you and your office staff as I am blessed to go on growing through the aging process gracefully.”

  • CL, Goodyear, Arizona

    Go see for yourself...
    “I have nothing but highly complementary comments concerning the doctors, regarding their level of care and comfort provided to me. The staff, which is the face of the practice, was extremely knowledgeable and supportive about my questions and concerns. I say, go see for yourself! You will not be disappointed!”

  • shopgirl42, Arizona

    I continue to go there every year...
    “I have been to Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery several times. My first visit was to have a deep peel to address the heavy skin damage (and pregnancy hormones) on my face. I was amazed at the improvement. I now have an annual ritual, every Thanksgiving (when I have a few days away from work), I go in for a refresher treatment. I've done the Pearl Lazer for a deep treatment and the Genisis for a light touch-up. I believe over the long-haul this has helped ward off the aging process and reverse the skin damage that I had. This is a great, caring team!”

  • AZgirl19, Arizona

    Hetter Peel erased my wrinkles...
    “I just had a Hetter Peel done and my wrinkles are erased!!! This is a longer recovery but worth the wait”!

  • MB, Goodyear, AZ

    Had Tickle Lipo 4 days ago...
    “I just had the tickle liposuction 4 days ago & I feel amazing my pants are already fitting looser.”

  • DA, Paradise Valley, AZ

    Inches Off My Waist...
    “It literally took inches off my waist. I’m back to my old jeans.”

  • SK, Scottsdale, AZ

    Newbie to laser treatments...
    "I was a newbie at the whole hair removal process, so I was a bit nervous going in. The staff and technician were pleasant and informative, which put me at ease. The overall experience was a great one...minus the bearable pain, lol."

  • ES, Surprise, AZ

    I was extremely pleased with my tickle lipo procedure that I had done at this office. Everything from the reception gals, the techs, and of course the surgeon were outstanding. I would recommend this office, and this procedure to anyone!”

  • JT, Goodyear, AZ

    Made me feel like a personal friend...
    “Everyone at the office was very friendly and courteous. They made me feel like a personal friend, rather than a “patient” or “client”.

  • SS, Butte, MT

    Staff was amazing and so are the results...
    “My sister had Lipo performed at this center; she had some concerns, so I went with her. What a great experience, the caring staff was amazing and so are her results! The entire process, from the initial visit through the follow-up was very caring and professional. If you are thinking about doing this, don't hesitate, they are the best.”

  • Sexyaliza, Phoenix, AZ

    “I’m so tickled with my tickle lipo results. Thank you Dermacare."

  • Stanly Quock, West Valley, AZ

    Pleased with results...
    "Very pleased with my results. I was apprehensive about the visit but it was definitely worth it. Everything turned out as explained to me.”  

    From Living Social | Treatment: Microdermabrasion, Laser Treatment & Chemical Peel

  • EV, Goodyear, AZ

    The perfect skin care package...
    “Thank you so very much Dermacare!!! I am so happy with my skin treatment package. I have noticed a great change in my skin's tone and texture. All my friends keep asking what I am using on my skin. Your office staff and Dr. were so very helpful, all my questions and concerns were all addressed. Thank you so very much!!! See you soon.“

  • RS, Peoria, AZ

    Wish I would have done this long ago...
    “LOVE the LIPO! I had the LIPO-VIBE (Tickle Lipo) procedure on a Saturday and went back to work on Monday. My love handles are gone! I wish I would have done this long ago.”

  • Tiffani Erdman, Phoenix, AZ

    Professional and helpful...
    "I have rescheduled another appointment for a different type of treatment. They were very professional, helpful, and it was a very nice atmosphere. I was impressed and have referred a friend as well.”  

    From Living Social | Treatment: Three-Step Skin Rejuvenation Package

  • Anonymous, Arizona

    Tickle Lipo did what they said it would do...
    “I had an amazing experience at Dermacare! I loved the staff and doctors and guess what - they delivered. I went through the tickle lipo procedure. I was very nervous but after 3 months it did what they said it would do. It literally took inches off of my waist that I was never able to do with exercise. I’m back in my old jeans and feel great. Recovery was slow – but amazing results. Thank you!”

  • Lisa Lopez

    Cannot say enough great things about Dermacare... "I cannot say enough great things about Dermacare - both doctor and staff! I have had skin problems all of my life - acne, scars, wrinkles from using products to dry up my acne, etc. Having tried everything possible over many years, with no success, I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to live with bad skin and the insecurities that came with it. But when I went into Dermacare, it wasn't for MY skin; it was for my teenage boy's acne problems. I was hoping they could do something to help him so he wouldn't end up like me. We met with their AMAZING aesthetician, and she created a treatment plan for him that gave him results that no dermatologist or previous treatment had even come close to. I was so impressed with his results, along with her knowledge and understanding of different skin types, which I decided to ask her if she thought she might be able to help me with my skin. She created a customized plan for me that included various treatments as well as having me use some of the quality custom skin care products they offer. I am happy to say that, although it's only been a few short months, each morning as I put my makeup on I am amazed at the drastic improvement of my skin. While we're still working towards the goal for my skin, for the first time in my life, I have hope. Hope to have people look at me - not at my bad skin. If you're someone who's experienced this, you know that is something that you cannot put a price on."

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