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Laser Vein Removal in Phoenix, AZ

Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to offer Laser Vein Removal for residents Phoenix or Goodyear, AZ, who wish to have spider veins treated. Although these veins may not pose any serious medical problem, they can be visually unappealing. Laser Vein Removal has become a popular  treatment option for spider veins.

  • This revolutionary advance in vein removal provides rapid results with no lifestyle interruption.
  • Our laser treats both red and blue, facial and leg veins.
  • No needles  ~  No incisions  ~   No downtime.


How Does Laser Vein Therapy Work? 

Laser Vein Removal is a precise and effective method of treating unwanted veins in a fast, painless, and non- invasive way. The laser produces a highly concentrated beam of light that is attracted by the hemoglobin in the blood vessel. The vessel absorbs the light and is destroyed, but does not rupture or lead to extensive bruising as with older lasers. Because of our laser’s deeper wavelength, the light is not absorbed by the skin, but goes directly to the vessel, allowing safe treatment of all skin types without burns or blisters. Most patients experience only minimal discomfort described as a snapping sensation.

How many Treatments are Required?

Laser Vein Removal treatments can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. Subsequent sessions may be required to completely achieve the desired result. The number of treatments varies according to the type and size of the vein. Laser Vein Removal patients in Phoenix and Goodyear, AZ typically see a dramatic improvement in the visibility of spider veins with the first treatment. Touch up treatments may be needed in after about a year.

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