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Laser Rejuvenation

What Is Laser Rejuvenation?

Laser rejuvenation is designed to improve cosmetic flaws, such as wrinkles, acne scars, and aging and sun-damaged skin.Our state-of-the-art laser procedures provide steady control in the penetration of the skin’s surface, allowing an increase of precision and safety in delicate areas.Our laser rejuvenation procedures include:

  • FotoFacial™
  • Pearl™ Laser Resurfacing
  • Photorejuvination
  • Laser Genesis
  • Titan Laser

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Targeted Therapy for Specific Results

We have many different lasers, each of which emits a different range of wavelengths. Each wavelength range will penetrate a different depth, allowing us to target specific issues within the skin’s layers. For example, our Fotofacial™ treatment penetrates below the surface of the skin (the epidermal layer) and specifically targets brown pigment. Laser Genesis™ uses a longer wavelength and penetrates deeper to address texture, pores and underlying redness. Titan® emits an even longer wavelength to penetrate the deepest layer of the skin, stimulating the regeneration of collagen and improving the skin’s laxity.

Combination Therapy to Maximize Results

Because we offer such a variety of different laser and aesthetic treatments, we are able to combine and customize treatment plans that will address any your skin concerns. For example, our popular 3D Skin Perfection program is a combination of laser and aesthetic treatments (such as Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, or Pearl Laser Resurfacing) over an eight week period that can improve pigment, redness, texture, pores and laxity. When we meet with you during your consultation, we will provide a treatment plan customized for your skin, your budget and your schedule.

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