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Hetter Peel in Phoenix, AZ

Experience the Forever Benefit of the Hetter Peel.

A single treatment will make a lifelong improvement in your skin!

The revolutionary Hetter Peel will make a lifelong improvement in the tone and texture of the skin for residents of the Phoenix and Goodyear, AZ areas.  Whether treating mild to moderate or the most severe skin damage, the dramatic improvement in your skin from this procedure is unmistakable.

Aging Effects on Facial Skin

The aged appearance of the skin is a result of time, gravity, sun exposure and other environmental factors.  The combination of these factors cause progressive thinning of the skin due to the loss of collagen, micro-scarring from repetitive movement of facial muscles and irregular pigmentation including bronzing, age spots, pre-cancers, or chronically red, irritated areas.

For many years, plastic surgeons have been frustrated with the search for rejuvenation procedures to correct aging effects of the facial skin. While facelift surgery provides the answer for structural laxity, the tone and texture damage of the skin is not addressed. The leathery crisscross skin wrinkling and severe smoker’s lines around the lips are some of the most challenging problems, and these are not addressed by even the most advanced surgical techniques. The Surgical Hetter Peel successfully alters the deep structures of the skin and will improve all of these signs of advanced skin damage.  Now patients can achieve complete facial rejuvenation with the combination of a surgical facelift followed by the Surgical Peel.


As early as the 1920’s, non-medical people were using chemical peels to treat Hollywood celebrities.  Beginning in the 1960’s, plastic surgeons began performing an aggressive chemical peel known as the “Baker-Gordon” peel. While great results could be achieved with this peel, the extreme, aggressive nature of the procedure caused the potential of leaving patients with an unnatural “waxy” appearance or areas of hypopigmentation (loss of normal facial pigment).  In the late 1990’s, a Las Vegas plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Hetter, M.D., developed a variation of that peel that is now known as the “Hetter Peel”.

The Hetter Advantage

While still an aggressive procedure with dramatic results, the new Hetter Peel is a safer and more versatile option than older resurfacing procedures.  Major advantages are the reduced downtime and reduced risk of depigmentation.  Areas of demarcation between the treated and untreated areas are often noticeable after other facial rejuvenation procedures, but this is not an issue with the Hetter Peel. Another benefit is that the concentration of the Hetter Peel is modifiable, making this procedure more versatile for use in different patient types, as well as different areas of the body.

What can the Surgical Hetter Peel do for you?

  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles from the face.
  • Smooth away smoker’s lines.
  • Polish orange peel texture to a smooth surface.
  • Smooth and tighten eyelid skin.
  • Improve Crow’s feet around the eyes.
  • Soften pucker marks and frown lines.
  • Remove brown spots and splotchy, uneven skin color.
  • Improve and flatten scars.
  • Improve deep depressions and pits seen with chronic acne.
  • Reduce uneven pigmentation, pre-cancer lesions, and redness.


Laser Treatments as the Alternative

As technology improves, laser therapy certainly has a place for rejuvenation of the aging face. Various laser resurfacing procedures are available to help mild to moderate skin damage.  These options are attractive because of the shorter recovery time.  However, to achieve the most dramatic results with a lasting benefit, the Hetter Peel is the best option.

Recovery (Downtime)

Residents of Phoenix and Goodyear, AZ who choose to undergo treatment of the Hetter Chemical Peel will require a commitment to the downtime to heal from the peel. The first phase of recovery involves facial swelling, sloughing and re-epithelialization of the skin.  This is usually completed within two weeks, and most patients are able to return to normal social interaction at that time.  Residual erythema (redness) gradually resolves during the second phase of recovery.  While this may last up to 12 weeks for complete resolution, the redness is easily covered up with make-up.

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