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Great Eyelid And Face Story From Patient Doreen

Doreen Now Has A Priceless Outlook On Her Future

Recently Divorced – She Decided To Do Something About Her Eyes And Face

Dr. DeRoin Put His Eyelid And Facelift Experience To Work

Here’s Her Story


Q: It’s not often we get a story like this. Doreen – you have a unique tale in that – you really did start anew at the age of 56. You  had your eyelids done, then onto to a facelift. Then lipo. You started thinking about this – a few years ago.

deramacare before after cosmetic photo phoenix

Doreen Before

Doreen – That’s correct. I’m 56 now, but I began thinking about doing something at 52. I started noticing sagging. It literally happened within months. Very fast. So, it’s been on my mind for some time. I always wanted to do something about it.  Last year, I got divorced, hocked my engagement ring – then had both my upper and lower eyelids done.

Q:  Hocked your engagement ring? You don’t hear that often, but that tells anybody – you were ready to do something. Tell us how that turned out?

Doreen – They turned out incredible. I went in with an open mind. I wanted to look better – and wanted the sagging tissue and skin to go away. I went with the eyes first – because, to me – that would make the biggest impact.

Q: A good eyelift is a good eyelift. It takes a good talent to do one.

Doreen – Yes, I got to tell you – I was shaking at first. After it was done within an hour-and-a-half – you go home and say, “What did I do?” Every day – I could see a difference. Just like unwrapping a gift.

Q: Then, you decide to do something else.

Doreen – Yes, the eyes were so good, I wanted to improve the bottom part of my face – so I did a lower facelift.

Q: Dr DeRouin did both?

Doreen – Yes, he did. I couldn’t be more happier.

Q: Both of these procedures were done over the past year?

Doreen – That is correct. My thinking was, “Get it done now.” And, the second procedure went so much better – because – I wasn’t as nervous.

Q: So here you are – 56  almost 57 – anything else you want to add?

cosmetic photo dermacare before after
Doreen – Here’s the thing. Everytime had a concern, a question -  after my facelift – Dr DeRouin always got back to me. He was just amazing. He was there. That’s so important.

Q: It is – for many reasons.

Doreen – Yes, just knowing he’d get back to me was so important. I needed that. So, here I am, my eyes look great, lower face – very satisfied. I went back – and did some lipo. So, at my age – I’m good to go. And, I feel great.

Q: There are lots of folks in your position. We all age differently and making decision like this – is no small matter.

Doreen – No, they are not. The hardest part for me – was the first one – the eyelid surgery. I was shaking like a leaf – but – I will tell you – it all came out great. I know women my age – who could benefit. This kind of thing really changes your outlook and that’s priceless.

Q: Sounds like a job well done. Doreen – thanks for your candid story!


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Dr DeRouin/Fascinating Facial Plastic Surgeons – His Story

An Update With Dr. Gael DeRouin 

DermaCare: Arizona’s Most Popular Destination For Liposuction & Facelifts.

His Story.


Q: Dr. De Rouin – Your practice has been around for a while. How did it all start?

Dr. DeRouin – I was practicing in the St. Louis area – and then joined a cosmetic surgery group here in Phoenix.

dr derouin facial lipo phoenixQ: So, you then struck out on your own?

Dr. DeRouin – Yes, with that practice I was also teaching. In 2005, we opened our own clinic – same location as today. We performed the same services then as we do now: liposuction, facial plastic surgery as well as spa services such as photo facial, lasers, aesthetic services and such.

Q: You’ve been doing this a long time, first trained as a facial plastic surgeon?

Dr. DeRouin – That’s correct and it’s been terrific.

Q: How has technology changed the way you do things?

Dr. DeRouin – The technology keeps changing, especially lasers, and more recently, liposuction technology.  We were particularly fortunate to become associated with Tickle Lipo. Prior to that, we used Smart Lipo and the PALS (Power Assisted Lipo) system and before those technologies – we conducted old-fashioned, simple liposuction. We also did cases with the technology called Vaser, a ultrasound powered  system.  With that experience, we felt that we were in a position to evaluate our needs.  We were looking for something else. That’s when we found Tickle Lipo, an amazing technology both for the doctor and patient.

Q: – So, you once performed plain liposuction – the way it was done, and into the various modern technologies. You do a lot of liposuctions – more than any other Arizona doctor – don’t you?

Dr. DeRouin –We’re very fortunate to be able to grow with this new system.

Q: Patient expectations: Have they changed over the years? Clients today seem to more aware of themselves and what can be done. 

dermacare phoenix image liposuction picture phoenixDr. DeRouin – I think patient expectations have changed, partly because we’re becoming more and more optimistic about what we can provide. Excellent results with minimal downtime are typical and, we’re meeting those expectations every day.  The challenge is always to be able to align patient expectations with reality.

Q: So for liposuction and Tickle Lipo – somebody coming today can be back at work in a few days.

Dr. DeRouin – Yes. The experience of Tickle Lipo and the post operative period; this is the big improvement.  And, we because we don’t require the use of general anesthesia, the anesthesia related risks are eliminated.

Q: And the patient’s themselves. What’s the typical age range?

Dr. DeRouin – Speaking as one doctor – the age range of cosmetic patients has increased. I see mostly female patients in their 20’s through the 70’s. We never use to see the extremes of age range such as we do now. It’s actually increased with the modern technology.

Q: And the trend of more men?

Dr. DeRouin – Yes, that would be true. Today, we see more men than ever before. There used to be a stigma for men – but, the barriers are down. And, that’s a good trend.

Q: What are your most popular procedures?

Dr. DeRouin – from the standpoint of surgeries – liposuction, face lift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and the hetter chemical peel.

dermacare face lift photo women phoenix cosmetic surgery

Q: Is it common for someone, coming in for liposuction – to want a face lift?

Dr. DeRouin – Yes, that’s an increasing trend – both ways; that they’ll see us for one particular procedure, and come back for another procedure. That is very rewarding.

Q: On average, what’s the #1 patient concern: most common?

Dr. DeRouin – It’s the abdomen or waist area.  I’d say that’s the big troublesome spot. They want some help with that.

Q: Do most carry a few extra pounds?

dermacare phoenix plastic surgeon women men Dr. DeRouin – Yes, and their expectation is that this area will improved, not only in the appearance of the area, but also they often wish to have a reduction of the weight and waist line measurement . We have a lot of military around here – and they’ll come in to meet requirements. They want to make sure they make their measurements.  That’s a very specific goal.

Q:  What’s a typical week like?

Dr. DeRouin – We’re here Monday through Friday. We generally do one or two cases on Monday and Friday and one case Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And we see consultations and post-operative patients – Tuesday through Thursday. Of course, there are incidences where we modify our schedule to accommodate  patients. 

Q: Besides running the business, you’re on the road several times a year.

Dr. DeRouin – Yes, local and national conferences and like other good docs, that’s how we stay current.

Q: Earlier, you mentioned “Hetter Peel.” Could you explain this technology?

Dr. DeRouin – It’s exciting and a refinement of an older technology. This peel makes a lasting change in skin quality of the face. And, it also – is a one-time treatment that’s one of the most profound and lasting in all of cosmetic surgery. I’ve been doing chemical peels for many years, but this is amazing and quite exciting.

Q: So, you have some exciting cosmetic technology for most adults – female and male?

Dr. DeRouin – Yes, without a doubt. We’re here and are always ready.

Q: Thanks for your time today.


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