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Great Eyelid And Face Story From Patient Doreen

Doreen Now Has A Priceless Outlook On Her Future

Recently Divorced – She Decided To Do Something About Her Eyes And Face

Dr. DeRoin Put His Eyelid And Facelift Experience To Work

Here’s Her Story


Q: It’s not often we get a story like this. Doreen – you have a unique tale in that – you really did start anew at the age of 56. You  had your eyelids done, then onto to a facelift. Then lipo. You started thinking about this – a few years ago.

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Doreen Before

Doreen – That’s correct. I’m 56 now, but I began thinking about doing something at 52. I started noticing sagging. It literally happened within months. Very fast. So, it’s been on my mind for some time. I always wanted to do something about it.  Last year, I got divorced, hocked my engagement ring – then had both my upper and lower eyelids done.

Q:  Hocked your engagement ring? You don’t hear that often, but that tells anybody – you were ready to do something. Tell us how that turned out?

Doreen – They turned out incredible. I went in with an open mind. I wanted to look better – and wanted the sagging tissue and skin to go away. I went with the eyes first – because, to me – that would make the biggest impact.

Q: A good eyelift is a good eyelift. It takes a good talent to do one.

Doreen – Yes, I got to tell you – I was shaking at first. After it was done within an hour-and-a-half – you go home and say, “What did I do?” Every day – I could see a difference. Just like unwrapping a gift.

Q: Then, you decide to do something else.

Doreen – Yes, the eyes were so good, I wanted to improve the bottom part of my face – so I did a lower facelift.

Q: Dr DeRouin did both?

Doreen – Yes, he did. I couldn’t be more happier.

Q: Both of these procedures were done over the past year?

Doreen – That is correct. My thinking was, “Get it done now.” And, the second procedure went so much better – because – I wasn’t as nervous.

Q: So here you are – 56  almost 57 – anything else you want to add?

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Doreen – Here’s the thing. Everytime had a concern, a question –  after my facelift – Dr DeRouin always got back to me. He was just amazing. He was there. That’s so important.

Q: It is – for many reasons.

Doreen – Yes, just knowing he’d get back to me was so important. I needed that. So, here I am, my eyes look great, lower face – very satisfied. I went back – and did some lipo. So, at my age – I’m good to go. And, I feel great.

Q: There are lots of folks in your position. We all age differently and making decision like this – is no small matter.

Doreen – No, they are not. The hardest part for me – was the first one – the eyelid surgery. I was shaking like a leaf – but – I will tell you – it all came out great. I know women my age – who could benefit. This kind of thing really changes your outlook and that’s priceless.

Q: Sounds like a job well done. Doreen – thanks for your candid story!


To celebrate patient Doreen’s new look – we have a special, open to all women considering eyelid or facial enhancement. The interview you just read needed no script. The questions were asked and our patient, Doreen – responded – exactly. That comes with inner confidence – the kind that’s possible with Dermacare of Phoenix.


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